Wild West Slots Online Games

Below are some slot games with the Wild West theme, reviewed according to software, special features, graphics, jackpot size and betting options.

The Silver Bullet game is for players who are looking to experience shooting a target, riding a horse, drinking whiskey, being a sheriff or robbing a bank. It offers the excitement for every silver bullet a player shoots.

Black Gold shows Ol’Bill’s story – reaping a fortune while digging for Black Gold in the field.

Gold Rush is for players looking to earn some money. This Wild West slot game lets players win the jackpot.

For brave players wanting to go on a cosmic adventure while killing hostile aliens, Cowboys and Aliens slot will give them the journey they desire.

The True Sheriff is for people dreaming of becoming the only man who can stand between villains and the people and go after criminals to bring justice in Old West.

Diamond Valley slot game gives the thrills of finding large deposits of diamond while getting lost in a desert.

Players wanting to be taken back in time will find Mega Jack 81 interesting. In this fun Wild West slot, the one danger lurking in the desert is a big prize.

With Hot 777 mobile slot, players can turn free time into opportunities to win fantastic prizes.

Wild Spirit sets players into a journey to the native lands of North America where they can live like the native tribes or even speak with Mother of the World.

Mystery Jack game for mobiles lets players go back to Wild West and live the life of the rich.

To unlock the secret world of ancient tribes of Native America, and get large winnings with the help of a wise chieftain, play the Mystic Dreams.

Mega Jack relives the experience of gold rush. This Wild West slot shares the feeling of discovering gold nuggets.

If being a gunman while catching bandits is a dream, Dead or Alive will make it come true. Players also have a chance to win money.

John Wayne slot can take gamers to a journey to live the dream of becoming a sheriff’s right hand.

Black Horse lets horse-loving slot gamers mount a black horse in the desert and live like cowboys.

Blazin Buffalo gives a peek to the place where buffalo roam free and graze.