Here is a comprehensive The Avengers Slot review

The slots game The Avengers was developed by Playtech and is among the titles released under the Marvel Series Slots. It is a 5-reel 20-payline machine. Here, you will see popular Avengers characters like Nick Furry and the Black Widow, with Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and Captain America feature in the 4 free games. Each character has their own powers but Thor is the best – he gives you a chance to win 7,000 more than your bet. The game can be played for only 20p per spin until £500. The game has five bonus features, including The Avengers Assemble On Reels triggered by the Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Nick Fury and Captain America appearing successively in one payline. The star of the incentive rounds is the Wall of Heroes which is activated by three Avenger logos anywhere on the reels. It will give four free spins. Initially, you’ll encounter a wall with 20 Avenger icons in which you will choose 3 icons until you will make 3 matches.

Another feature is The Hulk Free Games that rewards players with free 9 spins. It is even more exciting because the middle reel will become wild. Also included is the Iron Man Free Games that gives 9 complimentary spins with a multiplier beginning at 1x and increases after three spins. The first three spins all have a 3x multiplier, while spins 4 to 6 comes with a 2x multiplier. The last three spins come with a 3x multiplier. The Reactor icon is fixed on the third reel and will act similar to an Extra Wild. The Captain America Free Games gives 9 complimentary spins. Each spin features a multiplier from 2x to 5x. The initial spin comes with a 2x multiplier while the second one has 3x. The next 2 spins have a corresponding multiplier of 4x and 5x.

In this The Avengers slot review, the best among the complimentary rounds is the Thor Free Games. Players also get 9 complimentary spins. Thor flings lightning bolts before each spin begins. Five various symbols appear in the Extra Wilds round. This is the feature that will give you the chance to win big time. Also included in this The Avengers Slot review is the prizes offered by this title. Amazingly, your bet could be doubled for 7,000 times if you get 5 symbols each for Wilds and Random Extra Wilds. After you exit the bonus rounds, you will be led back to the main bonus level where you have to stay until you find Loki.

On another The Avengers Slot review, it was noted that players have the chance to win big from their extra rounds. Slots fans will surely enjoy the rewards and the fast-paced movement of the game.